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Philly Show

i went to see yellowcard on june 23rd @ the Electric Factory in philly! it was AMAZING! i hung around afterwards and got to meet them. here are some pics :)

(( L-R: : Laura, Ryan, Me, :in front: Lauren))

(( L-R: : Laura, Sean, Me, :in front: Lauren))

(( L-R: Lauren, Laura, Me--> in front of the street team bus))
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lucky.. at all the shows i've been to, it was so hard to meet them.. they're one of the most difficult bands to meet, i think so.
really?? at the electric factory it was pretty easy. we just walked down the side alley to the back entrance door and waited for them to come out. they were awesome.
never used to be hard to meet them...i can officially say that about 4-5 years ago (when they were actually amazing), i drank and smoked a ton of weed with them. ryan also dedicated "cigarette" to me. sad to say they've lost a lot since becoming a mainstream band.